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Roof restoration results in a roof that functions and looks brand new, without the significant costs involved with replacing an entire roof. Roof restorations starts with completing any repairs to the existing roof and may include replacing broken tiles and fixing leaks. This is followed by a high pressure clean to remove moss, lichen and grime. Then it is time to re-bed and repoint ridge caps, gables and hips of the roof. At this point structurally the roof is as good as new. Painting is the last part of the restoration process and involves applying a sealer/primer and two top coats of the highest quality paint.

It is important that your roof is watertight, durable and attractive. Overtime roofs can deteriorate and may require repair. The first step in the roof repair process is to examine the roof to determine any areas which require repair and the type of repair required. The repair then needs to be completed correctly, using the highest quality products, by a qualified professional and the work guaranteed.

A clean roof is a healthy roof! High pressure cleaning with water removes moss, lichen and grim without the need to apply any harmful chemicals. Prior to cleaning, the roof is checked for any broken tiles and all repairs completed.

Roof re-bedding is an essential part of the roofs structure. Roof re-bedding involves applying the cement mortar that holds the roof tiles in place. As with any roofing work it is essential that the work is completed by a qualified professional and guaranteed.

Roof pointing involves applying a flexible waterproof product over the top of the re-bedding (cement mortar that holds the tiles in place) to create a strong hold for the tiles and to seal the roof against, water, dust and most of all strong winds.